Rewards Program

What is Genuineblox Rewards Program?
At Genuineblox, we want you to have a great time when you shop with us.  Therefore, we've created Genuineblox Rewards Program to help you save.  You can earn points when you shop at Genuineblox or when you share or follow our website on Facebook or Twitter. The points you've earned translate into currency that you can use to shop in our store. 1000 points equals $10.  Points expire six months from the date they were first earned.
How do I earn points?
Here is how you can earn points towards your next purchase:
- Welcome points:  you will get 200 points by simply creating an account with us
- Through purchases:  you will get 1 points for each US dollar spent on your order
- Birthday points:  You will receive 200 points at your birthday
- Social Sharing: You will receive 50 points for your first share about Genuineblox on Facebook and Twitter
- Social Following:   You will receive 50 points when you follow Genuineblox on Instagram and Twitter
How do I know how many points I have?
You can check your points balance when you click on the "Rewards" tab.  For desktop, the "Rewards" tab is at the bottom right corner of your browser.  For mobile, it is in the bottom of your browser.
How do I spend my points?
 You can redeem your points by purchasing coupons through the "Rewards" tab.  
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