About Genuineblox 


Genuineblox is an online clothing store committed to providing high quality children’s apparel and dressing children in the height of exclusive style, trend, and comfortability. We are one of the leading retailers of children’s apparel in the United States, with the latest fashions, materials in unmatched quality, and fun designs at the best prices for all times. We are not just your number one choice for the best clothing brand, we are 100% trusted and reliable to provide you with premium fabrics, with effortless cut, and amazing details for your lovely children – those great and unusual qualities that keep you demanding for much more till your children look exactly like superstars!

We were established from a spurred and lingering motivation from our ever-dynamic founder, Cindy, who sees the need for kids to deserve the best, wherever they grow up – with the best quality clothing collections include those manufactured from the United States, handmade apparels, and organic products. She had experienced how women have been treated with no respect, especially in Asia; how women have been treated as unimportant personalities in the society.

Thus, this frustration got Cindy starting Genuineblox to create a marketplace with a safe and high quality children’s apparel for mothers to easily shop for their children’s clothing in order to have ample time with their family and career advancement. And it is also served as a platform to impressively help women to grow, through her top researched oriented tips for parenting, career progression, and other topics for women.

At Genuineblox, we make a difference in what we do best. Our fulfillment is to ensure all of our children’s clothes are made to feel good with their skins, while still stylish and durable – wherever they go. We stock the best collections of recognized and highly esteemed brands for boys and girls, which will no doubt excite their flair for construction and creativity.

We offer a matchless customer service. You get to experience luxury treatment when you shop with us. We are equipped with a team of a personalized customer service team who are highly knowledgeable and friendly to offer you advice on various styles and trend, as well as information to assist you with placing an order with us and other questions you may have. We are determined to keep you coming for more, more, and more to enjoy our product lines, which include certified organic products, handmade products, as well as products made in the United States, with the highest quality, durability, and uniqueness. Shop with us today!


About Our Products

We believe all kids deserve the best, wherever they grow up

 We are here to help parents finding the highest quality clothing for their children with the following three product lines:

Made in the USA: With strict regulations and company guidelines, we believe that American made clothing is of high quality, durability and sweatshop free.  With the cleaner and greener manufacturing process, we can help preserving the environment for next generations.  
Organic:  To be certified Organic, there is strict guideline to employ no chemicals or toxic materials in the production, from crops to final products. Hence, we believe it will be the best for the children.
Handmade:  Handmade products not only have the highest quality and durability but also are unique.  By purchasing handmade products, it helps supporting artists and small businesses.  We've noticed a lot of artists that design and make amazing baby apparels are women.  We want to support them to make an impact to counter the fast fashion trend.  


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