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(photo credit: Genuineblox, Bear Ear Beanies, Available in January 2017)

Last week, we had a prelaunch sale for Genuineblox. I would like to thank everyone who stopped by our facebook page or our website. Running the prelaunch sale helped us to understand what the customers want so we can improve and provide better service in January when the site goes live.

I would like to take this time to explain the concept of Genuineblox a bit more. Having my own business is always a dream for me. My dad is an entrepreneur so I've spent a lot of time hanging out at my dad's office since I was a child. Nowadays, when I go back to my hometown, I still spend quite a lot of time hanging in my dad's company. Growing up in such an entrepreneurial environment, the concept of having my own business is pretty much programmed in my head. However, when I first finished school, I listened to the advice from the elders and started a corporate job so I could have some "work experience". Apparently, it took me more than eight years to get that "work experience" before I moved on. I ended up working as a quantitative analyst on Wall Street for seven years. In 2015, I had a chance to relocate to Hong Kong to work on a project with a team of very intelligent and experienced traders and quantitative analysts. It was a small team, led by my ex-manager but we had a big dream. We wanted to be the pioneer to build the most cutting edge trading models for Chinese financial market. It was exciting and challenging but I was very lost there.

I was lost because I didn't enjoy my life there. In addition to the crazy work hours, I had a very bad cultural shock moving back to Asia. I had a cultural shock that I didn't know how to interact with people who look like me but who completely behave differently from me. I had a cultural shock that all the things and brands I love are not accessible at a reasonable price. Most imported goods in Hong Kong have more than 20%~30% of markup. And I wasn't able to find any alternatives. I simply couldn't trust the quality of goods that are sold at the lower price because I was not sure about the sourcing, the origins, and the materials. I've discussed this issue with many friends and everyone is having the same issue, especially the mommy friends who are desperate to find a reliable source for high quality, toxic-free baby products.

Hence, Genuineblox was born to help my fellow mommy friends to find the best baby products. The first phase will be American made, organic or handmade baby clothes. I am working very hard to include as many brands as possible in our collection. I am making progress, bit by bit, in many ways. At the business level, I am growing my business by putting together my website, establishing relationships with many brands and connecting with my customers. At the personal level, as an introverted math nerd, I grow stronger towards my entrepreneurial journey by stepping out of my comfort zone to represent Genuineblox and to showcase my idea in many different meetups and networking events. Thank again for stopping by during the prelaunch week. Thanks for providing inputs to make Genuineblox better. Please stay tuned for our official launch in January. Also, feel free to drop us a line for any feedbacks, or any products that you would like to see in Genuineblox collection. Happy Holidays~


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