Craft Ideas with Old Baby Clothes

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Craft ideas for old baby clothes

Baby clothes are incredibly adorable and cute with lovable designs, colors and not to mention the softness of the fabric but unfortunately, babies only wear them for a short time. Before you know it, you are left with your favorite little outfits that are just too small to be worn ever again. So, what are you do to with those loads of baby clothes in your possession?

Well, you can always donate to a needy cause or a friend or family member who is expecting a new baby. There are however a couple of baby outfits that you may find difficult parting with or just cannot get rid of. A great way to solve this problem is to make these baby outfits useful once again by repurposing them into wonderful DIY craft collections.

  • Onesie Quilt

An excellent way to repurpose old baby clothes is to turn them into a quilt. You can use all sorts of baby clothing but onesies are especially ideal since your baby tends to outgrow these clothes the fastest. A onesie quilt is not only adorable to look at and feel but it’s also a memory bank of baby’s clothing that can be passed down from generation to generation.

You can make a onesie quilt from your baby’s old clothes and your child can then hand it down to their children who can also make their own quilt using your grandchildren’s baby clothes. What a wonderful tradition to keep going!

  •  Memory Bear

A memory bear is a stuffed animal that is made from your favorite old baby clothes. Your favorite baby clothes could be the outfit your baby first wore from the hospital or baby’s first birthday.

This is incredibly simple to make as you will only need the baby clothes, iron-on interfacing, ribbon, thread, fiber fill, sewing machine and a bear pattern. Simply follow the easy memory bear tutorial and you’re done!

  • Doll Clothes

It’s such a fun and wonderful thing to watch little girls play dollhouse and dress up their favorite dolls but having to buy doll clothes can be expensive. Making doll clothes from old baby clothes is a simple and affordable way to repurpose and create some unique doll clothes.

  • Diaper bag

For cost-conscious moms who want to save some money with a new baby, repurposing old baby clothes is a great way to make a bag for holding and carrying baby’s items. You can repurpose little t-shirts into a diaper bag or even a bag for holding baby’s toys when they get a little older. They also make great gift ideas for expectant moms.

  •  Baby headband

Girls just look adorable in pretty headbands and headbands are popular right from when they are babies right into their early teens. Buying headbands for girls add up to be quite costly so instead, you can cut the elastic waistband from one of her little pants and simply embellish with a flower, ribbon or a button. This way you get to indulge in all the headband cuteness without spending a fortune on them.

  • Ornaments

There are several ornaments you can make from old baby clothes. Baby clothing bouquets made from onesies and other smaller baby clothing garments are perfect for creating a baby bouquet that you can display in the nursery. You can also make baby bouquets for baby showers.

An excellent use for those mismatched socks is to repurpose them into baby sock bunnies and little chicks which you can use as decorations during festivities such as Easter and Christmas. You can either hang them on hooks or on a Christmas tree or display them in a little basket.

  • Woven plaid pillow

You can turn your old baby’s clothes into a decorative pillow that can be enjoyed for years to come. It’s as simple as adding baby clothes to the design of an already finished pillow. You can make several pillows each having baby clothing from each of your children or make a memory pillow for yourself by using old baby clothes from all of your children.

  •  Christmas Stocking

You can turn your favorite old baby clothes into a Christmas stocking keepsake for baby by simply collecting little baby clothes both colorful and plain to make a Christmas stocking. These are great because you can reuse them every year without having to go out to buy Christmas stockings for everyone in the family.

  • Bib

When kids are older and love helping in the kitchen to cook and bake, fun activities quickly turn their clothes into a mess. Instead of buying nylon craft aprons for kids which don’t last long, you can make full-coverage aprons with old baby clothes that are perfect for protecting your kids’ clothes and are easy to wear and remove.

  •  Baseball cap

Baseball caps made out of old baby clothes are great for both boys and girls because they are incredibly functional and baby friendly. You can make creative baseball caps with your favorite appliqués and cute little images unique for your child.

Baseball caps protect your baby from direct sunlight and besides saving you money that you would have spent buying from a store, you can also make them from a softer material that is perfect for your child that you would not normally find in stores.

  •   Artwork

A great idea for artwork is to turn old baby clothes into an activity book. You can make learning fun by using the activity book to teach toddlers how to zip, tie and button with their old baby clothes.

Another great artwork idea is to repurpose baby’s clothes into wall art. You can either sew a design of your choice or simply make a memory art piece of your favorite baby’s clothes by gluing them onto a canvas.

  •  Mitten out of old baby blanket

    Baby mittens can be made from flannel or cuddle fleece which help to keep baby’s hands warm and snug and prevent your baby from scratching themselves. Baby mittens are also a great way to protect your baby’s delicate hands from too much touching.

    The simplest way to cut out the mitten shape is to draw the U-shape around baby’s hands on a piece of paper allowing room for seam allowance and movement. Simply follow this easy baby mittens tutorial and you’re done.


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