Breast Feeding vs Bottle Feeding

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Breast Feeding vs Bottle Feeding


There are a variety of benefits for the moms that breastfeed their baby.  The menstruation cycle stops for the first year that the mother is breastfeeding.  This enables the mom to hold on to the iron that she used to lose each month through her monthly cycle.  Mothers are less likely to suffer from anemia.  The woman will not have to purchase pads or tampons until she is completely finished breastfeeding. 

Although it is possible to get pregnant while breastfeeding your baby, the fact that you are not having menstruation keeps you from becoming pregnant again until you are ready.  To make sure you do not become pregnant before you are ready, be sure to use extra birth control protection.  This is a natural way to space your children a few years apart. 

  • Mothers who breastfeed their baby from one to two years will lower their chance of getting ovarian cancer by one-third. They also have a lower risk of developing breast cancer for the same reason. 
  • By breastfeeding your infant you are burning about 500 calories each day and can lose weight faster than feeding formula to your kids.
  • Working mothers are called less often to pick up their ill child from school if they were breastfed.
  • The babies suckling will help the uterus go back down to natural size quickly.
  • Challenge of Breastfeeding for Mother
  • Any mom needs patience and persistence to endure the many drawbacks of breastfeeding. It is often difficult for mothers to get “used to” the pain and discomfort that come from breastfeeding.  Here are the few challenges of breastfeeding for mother:

         Sore nipples

         Low milk supply

         Oversupply of milk

         Strong let-down reflex


         Plugged ducts

Benefits of Bottle Feeding for Mother

  • Bottle feeding is a healthy and wonderful alternative to providing your child with the best start to life. While breastfeeding is best, there are plenty of benefits to bottle feeding too!
  • It’s less invasive, your body is your temple and you may not like the idea of having someone latched onto your breasts.
  • It is less uncomfortable, bottle feeding doesn’t come with the pain that breastfeeding does, including engorgement, cracked nipples, bit marks and mastitis.
  • It can be less embarrassing to feed in public. Many women are uncomfortable whipping out the breasts in public and with bottle feeding, this is never an issue.  You can comfortably feed your baby with a bottle anytime. 
  • If your baby requires a certain formula, you are not required to change your diet – no need to switch to soy free or dairy free if your baby is having an allergic reaction to something in your milk.
  • Early breastfeeding can be uncomfortable
  • Anyone can feed the baby

Challenge of Bottle Feeding for Mother

  • More costly
  • Bottles are nipples must be sterilized, and if a woman does not use a ready-to-use formula, which is more expensive, the formula must be mixed and prepared. Specialty formulas, such as soya-based formulas and hypoallergenic formulas, may also cost more. 
  • Formulas don't provide all specific nutrients that breastfeeding can and a baby does not get the same immune protection found in mother’s milk.
  • In addition, baby foods with formulas that are three times more likely to have ear infections compared to breastfeeding.

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