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Are you looking for unique clothes, accessories, and shoes for your kids? Shopping for beautiful kids’ clothes is fun for most of the parents, grandparents, and family members. There are a lot of kids, toddler clothing brands out there that provide the best of everything for the little ones. A lot of baby stores carry cute things, but there is nothing special like walking into a baby boutique and find unique clothes and hair accessories for your little ones. There are a variety of baby brands that design adorable baby clothing. We have rounded up top 20 favorite brands that we are going to share with you.

Lucy Leo

Lucy Leo is a USA based baby brand that focuses mainly on designing organic baby clothes. Lucy Leo has unique designs such as baby suits, bottoms, tops and unique girls’ dresses. Lucy Leo is founded on transparency, honesty, and trust. Their clothes safe for children since they are not designed using harsh chemicals.  Our recommendation: Bleecker Street Tank and Shorts

Go Gently Nation

Go Gently Nation is a suitable clothing brand that design baby clothes as well as for grownups. Go Gently Nation focuses on designing organic baby clothes using eco-friendly dyes and organic material. Their clothes are comfortable to wear because they reduce the usage of zippers and buttons which can potentially irritate the skin. They design clothes in a variety of colors and styles like tees, shorts, dresses and much more.  Our recommendation: Pumice Vertical Stripes Collection

Will & Ivey

Will & Ivey provides organic classic baby clothing with a modern touch. They pay attention to little details like quality and comfort. They use a special fabric to produce unique baby clothing such as dresses, leggings, sweatshirts, T-shirts and much more. You can also find a collection of baby denim jeans in different shades and colors.  Our recommendation: Euro drop back shirts and joggers

The Owl Workshop

The Owl Workshop is an organic baby cloth brand that has been in existence for years. All their baby clothes are designed using natural and undyed fabric in New York, USA. They have a collection of a multi-use hooded blanket, girly T-shirts, hair clips, adorable bibs, etc. They design breathable, relaxed and comfortable baby clothes available in different colors and styles for everyday use. They now have a total of 4 other brands under their name.  Our recommendation: Tux onesie

Hazel Village

Hazel Village a baby clothing brand bases in the US. If you are looking anything from the latest and greatest baby designs including organic cotton dresses, rompers, kids bonnets, shirt and other clothing, you can find them at Hazel Village. You can count on Hazel Village brand to fulfill your child clothing needs and you are going to love all their cute designs. Hazel Village is famous for matching outfits for children and dolls.  Our recommendation: Hazel Print Dress and Penelope Rabbit

Little Goodall

If you are looking for gorgeous, beautifully crafted kids’ jackets and winter coats, Little Goodall provide remarkable and beautifully crafted kids winter coats and cute jackets. Although they emphasize more on creativity, they also pay attention to comfort and quality. Their products feature linen jackets, little girls tops, girls rompers, beaming bonnets and different colored bunny jackets. Their designs are simple and of high quality.  Our recommendation: Summer bunny jacket in sky blue


Chaboukie is a baby clothing brand that makes a fashion-forward baby and toddler clothes. It is a responsible gender-neutral baby brand that produces baby outfits perfect for a casual stroll and for playing. Based in Northeast Los Angeles, Chaboukie features bold collection, such as rompers, dresses, joggers, muscle Tees, Shorts, Tank Tops and much more. The Chaboukie brand is a perfect companion for your baby closet.  Our recommendation: Romper in indigo bolt 

Small Change

Small Change baby clothing brand is a remarkable and adorable infant brand based in New York, USA. Small Change design fun, stylish and comfortable baby apparels including tees and shorts good for mix and match. Formally known as Baby Toes, Small Change is the place for you. Our recommendation: Handsome Dude Tee

Smiling Button

Smiling Button is a US based baby brand that designs 100% cotton play dresses for little girls from 0 to 6 years. All the little dresses are adorned with their signature Smiling Button. Their outfits include smiley face tee-shirt, daisy denim piny, Tunis and much more. Smiling Button creates clothing not only for kids to be kids, but to be so for years round.  Our recommendation: Daisy Denim Pinny


Lovewell is a US based modern lifestyle brand for both baby and adult clothing. They create handmade designs clothing such as leggings, love tee, bloomers, children’s headbands and much more. Whether you want to check out their designs, be sure to get classic, unique and trendy clothes for your kids. They have adorable and remarkable baby clothes.  Our recommendation: Love Tee

Devon’s Drawer

If you are looking for organic and vintage inspired children’s clothes, Devon’s Drawer offers you exactly that. Devon’s Drawer makes Heirloom classic clothing for modern kids. You can embrace your unique style by shopping for Devon’s Drawer designs that include Heirloom children’s fashions like dresses, shirts, shorts, pants basketball jackets and rompers made in Los Angeles, US. Devon’s Drawer believes in high-quality clothing using ethical and environmentally responsible production.

Joah Love

Based in Los Angeles Joah Love design clothes for both boys and girls from the age of 6 months to 14 years. Joah Love baby brand believes you should never sacrifice fashion for comfort and comfort for style. Their philosophy is to design cutting-edge, exciting and new kid’s clothes. Their fabrics are soft and comfortable. You can find, tees, romper shorts, pants, dresses and kid accessories for both boys and girls.

April’s Bloom

April’s Bloom makes quality fashions for kids. Their clothes come in different shapes, sizes, and colors and they use 100% organic cotton fabric. Based in New Jersey, USA, April’s Bloom designs pretty girl’s dresses. Their clothes are handmade, comfy and easy to wear.

Tuff KooKooshka

Founded in 1999, Tuff KooKooshka is a baby brand with a humble beginning but has risen to design baby clothing designs sold in stores and boutiques across Japan, Canada, and America. Their clothes are made using polartec fleece produces in Massachusetts and other fun fabrics and materials for embellishments from other places. Their designs include sweatshirts, cotton dresses, skirts, cardigan, tops, shorts, skirts, short sleeved cotton T-shirts and much more.


Hoonana is a unique baby clothing brand that designs exceptionally comfortable and stylish baby clothing for boys between the ages of 12 months to 8 years. Hoonana strives to produce quality, long sleeves T-shirts, classic denim, linen shorts, shirts, and Polos. All their products are made using 100% cotton fabric and other materials. Everything that Hoonana design clothes using material from manufactured in their hometown Los Angeles, USA. Hoonana is also famous in designing clothes using elastic bands for the waist instead of zipper or buttons. They use the zipper or button for decorations making the clothes easy to wear and comfortable for kids.


From children apparels to unique clothes for toddlers, Omamimini is known for its sophisticated and impeccable children’s clothing. The Omamimini's mission is design quality, trend, fashion and comfort clothes for both boys and girls. Their clothes are made for kids the age of 0 to 12 years. Their clothes are fun, multi-colored and patterned.  Omamimini products include girls tent dresses, pants, rompers, girls bubble jackets, T-shirts etc.

Kira Kids

The Kira Kids cloth brand produces 100% certified organic cotton kids clothes. Kira Kids specializes in baby sweatshirts, T-shirts, leggings, bibs, infant snap suits and other baby apparel. They also design girls T-shirt dresses, pants, legging, long sleeve and boys tees, muscle tanks and long sleeve T-shirts. Their prices are affordable.

Bow Arts

Bow Arts is a baby brand that specializes in hair accessories such as hair clips, headbands, hair bows and other hair accessories. They produce quality baby hair accessories that are flexible, comfortable and can support your child’s hair during movement and play. Based in the USA, Bow Arts are known for their lead-free hair accessories. Their accessories are made using stainless steel. Shop from that large selection of quality barrettes, hair ribbons, headbands and at budget friendly prices.

Winter Water Factory

Winter Water Factory produces adorable kids clothing for both boys and girls. Every item is made in the USA and crafted using 100% certified organic cotton that is free from harmful chemicals, PVC, and synthetic pesticides. This organic baby clothing brand has a wide range of baby clothing like long sleeve cotton romper coverall, daises dresses, boys tees and much more. You can be sure that products from this brand are completely produced in the United States.

LiLi Collection

Find the perfect baby shoes can be challenging, but LiLi collection has made things simpler. LiLi Collection is a family-owned shoe brand named after their son Liam, Lili is his nickname. LiLi Collection focuses on designing stunning, fun and colorful soft leather shoe collection for your baby. Their uniquely designed shoe collection includes loafers, slippers, moccasins, and boots. Their style in simple but comfortable stylish shoes for both babies and kids. Whether you are looking for something playful, special occasion or something casual, they surely have something for you.

There you have it, our top twenty baby brands in the US. Aren’t they all gorgeous? There are many other baby clothing brands that design a variety of kids’ apparels loved by many parents and family members. Searching the internet for the coolest baby clothing brands can be frustrating and tiresome. We have come up with this list of 20 cool baby clothing brands in America for quick navigation and to give out more information. Don’t forget to visit our website www.genuineblox.com and find more about the different baby clothes we provide from different baby brands and see our product descriptions.


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