10 Math Learning Apps for Preschoolers

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Like every other skill, children should be introduced to math and counting at the earliest opportunity. The beauty of the generation today is in existence of excellent apps that are used for counting and math. These apps make learning easier because they are designed in form of fun and games. Here are excellent apps to use in transforming math skills for your child.


  1. Bugs and Buttons by the Little Bit Studio

This is a creative assembly of 18 games that are both entertaining and educational. It is played using bugs and very realistic buttons for children. Some of the activities children will engage in include racing, sorting, counting, matching, connecting dots and navigating mazes, among others. It is also an opportunity to play with such bugs as dragon flies, bees, butterflies, ants and ladybird, among others. When a kid wins, the rewards collected include stamps that can be stuck in a book. The app will help them learn to count and get comfortable with insects.


  1. Intro To Math By Montessorium

This is an app designed for both children and their parents. The app store introduces you to the app, allowing you to begin playing immediately you download it. Even for parents or guardians who are not familiar with the Montessori system, they will enjoy using the app. The child is presented with simple rods that have to be arranged from the shortest to the longest. The app also gives them an opportunity to write numbers which are later matched with the counted rods. It comes with exciting and calming graphics as well as smooth children music. It will cost you almost 5 dollars.


  1. Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

This is a chance to introduce colors and numbers before the kid enters school. The monkey engages you in counting fruits where you have to touch the corresponding number asked by the monkey. It has terrific music for children. Even children who do not fathom learning will enjoy the music, colors and flipping monkey.


  1. Tally Tots

This is a highly rated kids app that is exclusively educational and interactive. It helps the kids to master counting skills through the assistance of a background voice. The screen displays numbers at the basic level of 1-20. Once the child gets the numbers correctly, the rewards include fun activities where he circles a track using racecars or lights the bulb by touching the screen. It does not feature a significant number of dynamic activities for children.


  1. Little Digits

This is a fun and intuitive app to assist kids in counting. It is a collection of games that emerge depending on the actions of the toddler. It is the screen that detects the number of hands and then initiates the game to be played. It involves all kid motions of swiping and tapping. It ranks among the best math apps for toddlers because of its imaginative and whimsical and imaginative appeal. The animations are also adorable and befitting the little curious creatures.


  1. Motion Math: Hungry Guppy

This is an app for 4 year olds and beyond. It uses fish as a learning tool where the kid gathers bubbles and feeds them to the hungry fish. This makes it simple and fun for that age. It is build to enable the child develop a strong sense of addition and also understand that numbers represent something more than what is on the page. It comes with 15 levels that will satisfy the gaming and learning needs of the kids without leaving the guardian or parent bored. It allows the child to customize the fish with different colors. The skills learnt enable the kid to apply the idea of numbers on other objects.


  1. Endless Numbers

Children are introduced to monsters at a very young age. They teach the kids to eat their cookies, share with others, etc. Endless numbers take advantage of the monster introduction to teach them numbers. It uses animated dolls to introduce such concepts as sequence, counting and basic arithmetic. The numbers are placed on a Ferrari wheel which the kid has to rotate in order to select numbers. There is  a free version with numbers 1-5 while the app for purchase captures the additional 6-25. Repetition of numbers enhances the ability of the kid to recognize them. You are at liberty to purchase higher versions as the kid masters the lower numbers.


  1. Preschool Adventure By 3DAL, LLC

The app goes beyond math to teach basic colors and shapes. It comes with adorable graphics, is easy to play and enjoyable for children as well. It features several mini games where children are only required to tap and listen. An example is the Paint Splats which involves different sea creatures and children have to tap to hear such sounds as green sea turtle and Purple octopus, among other creatures. The animals are designed to engage in spectacular acts like a caterpillar turning into a beautiful butterfly.


  1. Drive About: Number Neighborhood

Though adults sometimes drive aimlessly, they are good at showing kids directions. This is the perfect app for that. The app takes you to familiar destinations like play ground, cake shop or marina, a process through which children are taught math. Motoring skills are taught verbally in the process. The beauty of this game is that the stops and turns make toddler sense, providing an excellent opportunity to learn. It costs about 3 dollars and is perfect for children over 4 years.

       10. Doodle Math Numbers

This is an app that recognizes the need to understand the basics of math before tackling the advanced numbers. It uses names, shapes and grouping to teach about numbers. It comes loaded with six interactive games in a puzzle piece for the kids to solve. The puzzle pieces are combined into a picture that will land your kid into Harvard. At only 3$, this is the perfect choice for your kid.


When choosing the best math apps for preschoolers, consider the graphics and how interactive the apps are. They should also involve intuitive motions to make it appear as natural as possible to the kids. It should come with the ability to advance to avoid stagnation and boredom.


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