10 Language Learning Apps for Preschoolers

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Language is a vital tool for expression and should be learnt at the earliest opportunity. Understanding language makes it easier for the toddler to understand the other subjects or topics. It has been proven to make children more creative, flexible and engaging when solving problems. Here are 10 best language apps for toddlers.

Speak & Rеаd by WINKtoLEARN

This is a series of apps that targets different languages. You can use the interactive app to teach English, French, Mandarin, and any other language of the world you can think about. The app engages both the kid and the care giver. It has won numerous awards because of its effectiveness in training languages. You can download the app alongside other materials like DVDs and audios that can be used offline. The curriculum is interesting, interactive and systematic to provide the skills your child craves so much. 

Peekaboo Barn

This is a cute language app for kids that teaches them using animals that would be found within their vicinity. It also incorporates sounds in an interactive and fun way that will also include the guardians and care givers in the fun. The app allows you to set the language, with such options as Spanish, English, French and other languages. The app also allows you to record your voice of that of your child in any language for future replay. It can never get any engaging for the kids. It comes with a setting button where you can block ads to enable you enjoy an uninterrupted experience. The length of the games reduces boredom.

Toca Boca Kitchen Monsters

Among the best language apps for preschoolers is Toca Boca Kitchen Monsters which uses foods to teach children different languages. It comes in a free lite version of the bigger brand of Toca Kitchen. There are eight dishes prepared in different ways that are eaten by the monster. They include imaginative vegetables that will leave your body with spots or stripes depending on your consumption approach. The problem is that the monster lacks table manners and is untidy. To cover it up, it produces satisfying and silly noises. This is an incredibly endearing app. Its dynamic and lack of education centralism makes it’s an interesting divergence from the others in its category. The guidance of a parent is required before the kid gets the hang of things. Any kid from 3 years will enjoy the games and learning experience.

Speech with Milo

This is an interesting and interactive language learning app for children from 4 years and above. It acts as an interactive storybook that will deliver to your language teaching expectations. The app is loved because of its interactive nature which is a combination of speech and images. The sound is inviting to children and very high quality. The kid plays by touching an image or character that produces a sound or makes a move. By swiping, you engage a story teller with incredible narrative on friendship and being helpful. If the child is older, he or she can read in the absence of assistance from the narrator. This is a happy storybook in digital format. Though it passes as lengthy its interactive nature makes is perfect for kids because the bright images will capture their attention. The app also gives you the ability to record own book and engage the kid in reading. 

First Phrases

The app is not only meant for language learning but also development. It enables the child to practice phrases that are two to three words long. It comes with visual support to assist the kids when they record the phrases. Advanced challenge involves sliding the phrases and words into place. The screen is clutter free and contains simplified and entertaining graphics perfect for kids. It is loved because of enhanced features that allow children with speed development delays to catch up. 

The Monster at the End of This Book: Starring Grover

This adaptation of Sesame Street is interactive and exciting for children. Muppet Grover tricks the children to stay longer on the page so that they can avoid the encounter with a monster at the end. The children are engaged throughout the game where they untie ropes or knock down brick walls. The interactive monster is very exciting for children. The child will later realize that Grover was the monster after all. 

Alien Buddies

This is a pre-reading classic for children which is more educational than fun. The aliens are endearingly cute yet silly in their acts. They do not scare the kids at all. It is perfect for pre-schoolers because of the ease with which one navigates. The games are short and interactive, fitting the bill for children at this age. 

Word Tracker-My Toddler Talks

As the name suggests, it tracks the words spoken by your child, later classifying them for use by therapists, parents and educators. It gives you an idea of the milestones achieved by your child in word development. It will be easier to identify when the milestones are delayed. 

Nighty Night! - The bedtime story app

This is a perfect option when turning off the light before the kid falls asleep. This is a unique app because it is short and almost wordless. It takes the kid to the room which still has lights where upon entering, the kid turns off the lights and puts the animal to sleep. Since it does not have words, it should not be considered as a reading app. It teaches them the idea of cause and effect through lessons that are accompanied by beautiful bed time music. 

Talking Gina the Giraffe

The idea is to speak to the giraffe that repeats your words back to you. She is tough and rough when treated badly and very friendly when she is treated well. It comes with original music and 48 levels to play. It helps the kids to practice what they have already learnt in different languages. 

The best language apps for preschoolers are the interactive varieties with excellent graphics. The app should also allow the kid to learn different languages. Choose apps that are easy to use and allow the kid to advance his skills.


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